Both Sides Of The Rainbow

I create and wear my designs. I was told: 'You are on both sides of the rainbow'. With my vivid imagination, I could easily picture myself on one side of the rainbow, working, then quickly moving on the other side to enjoy my work. And all the colors life has to offer.

Every Story Has A Story

Every story has a story. In other words, every story has its inspiration. Mine is my mother. She is the inspiration, and the reason this story has taken the shape of clothes and hats. 


Maria Bold is a fashion designer. I grew up not only surrounded by her creativity, but most importantly with the appreciation for high-quality handmade clothes, and how they were created. I consider myself lucky for having the privilege of owning only handmade clothes, and for being included as a child in the process of their making. I accompanied my mother to the fabric stores, where we touched the silks, the cloths, admired the colors, and designed verbally and mentally our next outfits.

I have watched my mother make clothes all my life. I saw her paying attention to every detail, from stretching the fabric until it had no creases and it was ready for the pattern drawing, and cutting. I have also watched her redo her stitches until they were perfect. She had no appreciation for ‘good enough’. Her definition of fashion was the true love story between timeless designs and quality that lasts a lifetime. 


As for me, I am a milliner. What better way to compliment my mother’s creations and recreate the joy she made me feel through everything she made?



I can only hope you feel that, too when you wear the clothes and hats we are designing and creating for you by hand from start to finish. 

Every design, every cut, every stitch, every embroidery tells a story, but there are always going to be only two main characters: needle and thread. 

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